Top 10 Reasons To Get Your Car Washed at ACW!

10. Save water! Washing your car at home wastes over 100 gallons.
9. Save time! A wash takes less than 10 minutes.
8. Protect the environment! ACW is a registered WaterSavers eco-friendly car wash.
7. Protect your investment! A good finish equals a higher resale value.
6. Have your kids and the dog have made their mark on your car?
5. Your spouse wants you to clean the car, but you want to go golfing or play tennis!
4. Your friends keep asking you, “What color WAS your car?”
3. You feel happier driving a clean car!
2. You love the complimentary coffee!
****DRUM ROLL***
1. American Car Wash is undoubtedly the friendliest & fastest car wash in town!